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5 Ways to Keep Kids Sleeping Soundly

A good night’s sleep is important for people of all ages, but it’s especially essential for children. Sleep is when our minds and bodies grow the most; it’s crucial for kids to get the highest quality sleep possible to stay happy and healthy well into adulthood. But as any parent can attest, it’s sometimes difficult […]

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Understanding Excessive Daytime Sleepiness

People who have sleep apnea often have a world of other symptoms or health issues that can creep up during their waking hours. From impulse control to a lack of motivation, not getting the sleep we desperately need can affect our daily life in powerful ways. And one condition in particular – Excessive Daytime Sleepiness […]

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Can Sleep Apnea Slow Down Your Brain?

Do you feel foggy after a bad night of sleep? As it turns out, there’s a very good reason for that. Let’s Take a Look at Overnight Oxygen Saturation Levels A new study has further proven what many sleep experts already know, snoring and sleep apnea can hurt our: Memories Ability to pay attention Cognitive […]

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5 Gentle Stretches to Go to Sleep, Fast

Having trouble dozing off to sleep on a regular basis? There are a world of tricks you can employ to get to sleep easier, without the prescription or over-the-counter medications, and without giving in to the calling of the late night munchies. People who regularly practice yoga or meditation right before bedtime often have an […]

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Want a Longer Life? Get Treated for Sleep Apnea

Researchers have extensively studied sleep apnea’s ties to a wide range of medical conditions. From diabetes to cardiovascular disease, sleep apnea can exacerbate a wide range of health issues. And what’s the overall effect of sleep apnea on our lifespan? Understandably, it’s pretty significant. The number of people who have sleep apnea has steadily increased […]

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How Much Sleep Do Kids Really Need?

It’s the middle of summer, which means that kids are eager to stay up late to enjoy all the activities a summer evening can offer. From catching fireflies to camping in the backyard, it can be hard for kids to stick to a strict bedtime schedule when school is out, days are long, and there […]

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What Is the Connection Between Headaches and Sleep Apnea?

A lot of research has surfaced lately on the connection between headaches and sleep apnea – and not just as a symptom, but as a valid correlation. Can one effect the presence of the other and vice versa? Turns out, that this may very well be the case. The Research about Sleep Apnea and Migraines […]

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Can a Lack of Sleep Make You Sick?

We’ve all heard plenty of old wives’ tales when it comes to avoiding or curing a seasonal cold or virus. Tips like eat chicken soup, load up on your Vitamin C and make sure you get plenty of rest are almost as common as colds themselves. Well, when it comes to avoiding – and beating […]

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5 Things You Can Do an Hour Before Bed for a Better Night’s Rest

The moments leading up to bedtime are essential in helping to set the tone for a good night’s rest. If you have trouble on a regular basis drifting off to sleep after you hit the pillow, then try these tips that can be implemented up to an hour before bedtime, and which may help you […]

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Is Your Child’s Snoring Normal, or a Problem?

When it comes to kids, it can be difficult to pinpoint sleeping issues like obstructive sleep apnea. This is exactly why it’s important for parents to pay attention to little issues that may signal a larger problem. Roughly 10% of children in the US snore on a regular basis, and many times, this is not […]

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