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Are You Concerned You May Have Sleep Apnea?

THE EPWORTH SLEEPINESS SCALE How likely are you to doze off or fall asleep in at sitting quietly at work work or while driving, in contrast to feeling just tired? Take our Sleep Test and will we send you good information on treatment options for your situation.

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Sleep Apnea Treatment Options – Dallas Tx

There are many therapy options for available for snoring and sleep apnea. You may know about continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP), which requires you to wear a mask while sleeping. Other treatments include surgery on the soft palate, upper airway, back of the throat, tonsils and adenoids. Many patients benefit most from noninvasive treatments, such […]

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Home Sleep Test – Dallas Tx

At Simple Sleep Services, we offer an innovative, convenient, highly accurate home sleep test designed to assist in the diagnosis of sleep-disordered breathing. The device is small and easy to use. You simply take it home, wear it while you sleep and mail it back to us the next day in a pre-paid and addressed […]

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Snoring is a Major Symptom of Sleep Apnea

Snoring is a major symptom of sleep apnea. Get Tested – Get Treated – Simple Sleep Services – Plano Texas – (469) 685-1700 

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