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FAA Orders More Rest Time For Pilots Between Shifts

DFW AIRPORT (CBSDFW.COM) – They fly across the country, crossing time zones, often in the middle of the night. The lives of hundreds of passengers are in their hands. And they often do it on just a few hours of rest. The federal government is stepping in though to give pilots a break. The Federal […]

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Snoring: Nuisance Or Serious Health Problem?

Whether it’s a loud sawing or one of those grating, breathy affairs, snoring can be irritating for both snorer and significant other alike. So irritating, in fact, that recent Department of Health advertisements promoting marital health highlighted snoring as a potential source of tension. Sometimes, though, snoring isn’t just annoying, but indicative of an actual […]

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Sleep Apnea May Spur Erectile Dysfunction

Sept. 12, 2008 — Sleep apnea may make erectile dysfunction more likely, and the erectile dysfunction drug Cialis may ease but not erase that problem, new research shows. Those findings come from lab tests on mice, but the researchers say that erectile dysfunction (ED) is common among men with obstructive sleep apnea, a condition in […]

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Snoring and Gravity

Because the respiratory system is greatly influenced by the force of gravity, the effect of weightlessness on sleep-related breathing problems was observed in five space shuttle astronauts. Dr. G. Kim Prisk from the University of California at San Diego found that, without gravity, breathing problems were reduced by 55% – and snoring was nearly eliminated.

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