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Sleep Tip – Positional Snoring

If you occasionally snore, then try sleeping on your side or stomach. Some snorers suffer from what is known as Positional Snoring and they quit snoring when they stop sleeping on their back. Visit us at: wwwsimplesleepservices.com

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Sleep Disorders Common Among Police Officers

A survey of police officers indicated that about 40 percent have a sleep disorder, which was associated with an increased risk of adverse health, safety and performance outcomes, according to a study in the December 21 issue of JAMA. Sleep disorders, such as obstructive sleep apnea, insomnia, and shift work disorder, affect 50 to 70 […]

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Snoring and Stroke

Researchers looking at heavy snorers say that their increased risk of stroke may be linked to reduced blood flow in the brain during certain stages of sleep. Writing in the medical journal Stroke, scientists at Cleveland’s Case Western Reserve University say their study of 12 heavy-snorers (11 men and 1 woman) found brief blood flow […]

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Fox News Interview of John Truitt, CEO Simple Sleep Services

John Truitt of Simple Sleep Services in Plano, Texas discusses the benefits of a power nap and the negative effects of obstructive sleep apnea with Jeff Ogden on AM 1100 The Flag in Fargo, North Dakota. Click Here for Audio of Interview with John Truitt Visit us at: www.simplesleepservices.com

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Atlanta Georgia Interview with John Truitt, CEO Simple Sleep Services

Atlanta Georgia Interview with John Truitt, CEO Simple Sleep Services on the Rob Johnson Show. Click to listen: Atlanta, GA Interview with John Truitt, CEO Simple Sleep Services Visit us on the web at: www.simplesleepservices.com

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