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9 Reasons to Consider Continuous Open Airway Treatment

A common misconception for many sleep apnea sufferers is that a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) device is the only solution. At Simple Sleep Services, we have an alternative “go-to,” proven method for treating even the most severe cases of sleep apnea. The solution is the SomnoDent®, a product similar to a mouthguard. The SomnoDent® […]

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Why Childhood Sleep Deprivation Could Lead to Sleep Apnea

Sleep deprivation knows no limits. It isn’t confined by gender, race, weight, beliefs or, even age. Childhood should be a time of wonder, ease and bedtime dreams, yet the percentage of children reporting chronic sleep deprivation has increased at an alarming rate in the past several decades. Check out the Facts Melatonin prescriptions for children […]

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Fact or Fiction? Sleep Myths Explained

Are you falling for commonplace sleep myths? Everyone Needs the Same Amount of Sleep FICTION! While the recommended amount of sleep is 7-9 hours, everyone’s needs are different. If you feel refreshed, rested and energized after just 5-6 hours, you’re doing just fine. On the other hand, 9+ hours may be the prescribed dose for […]

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The Distressing Link Between Panic Disorders and Sleep Apnea

Not familiar with panic disorders? A panic disorder is when an individual experiences fear or anxiety towards danger when no actual danger is present. Roughly 3% or more of American adults are living with a panic disorder. Women are doubly likely to experience a panic disorder than men, yet a definitive underlying cause is unknown. Researchers […]

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The Difference Between Snoring and Sleep Apnea Explained

Sleep apnea and snoring are often incorrectly used interchangeably. At Simple Sleep Services, we educate our patients on the risks and facts associated with sleep disorders. We do this so our patients can stay informed about their health and seek the medical attention right for them. Did you know that someone who snores may suffer from sleep […]

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How Your Sleep “Chronotype” Predicts Personality

The decision to be a night owl or early riser is largely out of your hands. In fact, it’s genetic. The distinction between rising early or staying awake into the wee hours is a genetic chronotype — “a behavioral manifestation of underlying circadian rhythms… the propensity for [an] individual to sleep at a particular time […]

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What Your Sleeping Position Says About You

Have you ever considered the relationship between how you SLEEP and how you ACT? Researchers have been pooling individuals and tracking their sleeping positions to understand the relationship between sleep and personality. It turns out, there are nine common positions, which correlate to particular personality traits. While you may believe your sleeping position is an […]

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The World’s Sleepiest (and Not So Sleepy) Nations

When it comes to the battle with poor sleep, you’re definitely not alone. According to a study including 941,300 male and female participants using the app Sleep Cycle, researchers were able to compare the data of sleepers to find out who sleeps the most, wakes up earliest, goes to bed latest and so on. The […]

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11 Snooze-Worthy Podcasts You’re Allowed to Fall Asleep Sleep To

You’ve heard you shouldn’t watch TV before bed, or fiddle with your phone; but you don’t have to lay in silence, counting sheep, waiting for sleep to come. There’s another alternative, and luckily the trend has taken off so much, you’ve got options! Why not try a podcast? You may be used to listening to […]

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