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Sleepy Driving Biggest Cause of Fatal Car Crashes

Did you know over 28% of Americans admit to struggling to keep their eyes open behind the wheel? Yet drowsy driving doesn’t garner the attention or concern it truly deserves! Drowsy driving is tricky because it goes largely unreported and is difficult to pinpoint — we consistently underestimate our true level of drowsiness. We tend […]

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4 Ways to Start Talking About Sleep Apnea with Your Doctor

We understand it can be scary and intimidating to begin the “sleep apnea conversation.” With so many known risks and symptoms doctors associate with the sleep disorder, it’s understandable to avoid the truth as long as possible! The sooner you talk with your doctor, the sooner you can pave the road to recovery. If you […]

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“Cheat Sheet” to Better Sleep

According to a Dreams’ UK Sleep Survey, around 63% of people are dissatisfied with the amount of sleep they get. If you’re among the lucky 37% who are happy with their sleep, you’re probably well aware of some of the tips you’ll find on this list. For the rest of you, we invite you to […]

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How to Quit Smoking and Reduce Threat of Sleep Apnea

By now you know sleep apnea can affect anyone, regardless of age, gender, race or size. Yet there are certain groups of people at a higher risk, including smokers. In fact, regular smokers are three times more likely to develop sleep apnea than non-smokers. Smoking increases inflammation and fluid retention in the upper respiratory system, […]

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A Simple Sleep Success Story

“I used to get up in the morning dragging, not really a morning person. Now I get up at 6 o’clock every morning, ready to go to work.” In just five short months, a man, who suffered from sleep apnea for over 12 years went from lifeless and fatigued, to energized and refreshed. How did […]

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Adjusting Your Sleep to A New Time Zone

Are you a travel junkie? A jet-setter who loves to see the world, but hates dealing with the time zone change? Or maybe your work has you flying across the country every week for meetings and conferences. Regardless your motivation, travel can be exciting and fresh — your sleep, not so much! To maintain peak […]

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Sleep Apnea & Your Sexual Health

The negative side effects of sleep apnea such as weight gain, mood swings and fatigue are well-known. A less talked about, more sensitive subject is the effect sleep apnea has on your sexual health. Sleep apnea is known to cause erectile dysfunction in men and decreased libido in women. Sleep quality might not be the […]

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