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Is Mild-To-Moderate Sleep Apnea a Problem?

Researchers and doctors have documented the life-threatening dangers of severe sleep apnea. From the continual risk of not breathing during the night to the damage to your heart health, a severe case of sleep apnea (OSA) can have a myriad of both short term and long term effects. What If Your Sleep Apnea Is Not […]

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Does Sleep Apnea Impact Women Worse Than Men?

How sleep apnea impacts people is very much individualized. Some folks may have trouble staying awake at the office or home, while others may get through the day, but will be moody, grumpy or even anxious. Sleep apnea can also have varying degrees of ill effects on our cognitive processes as well. While some individuals […]

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Does Better Sleep Lead to Better Grades?

Many college students studying for final exams engage in a longstanding tradition that’s seemingly been around for generations – the all-night cramming session. But a new study has confirmed what a lot of people have already suspected – staying up late to prepare for an early morning exam is not a great strategy for success. […]

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8 Simple Things That May Make It Impossible to Go to Sleep

We’ve all had those nights where no matter how much we toss, turn and reposition, we just can’t seem to fall asleep after our head hits the pillow! And if this is a frequent occurrence – and there have been a number of recent nights where falling asleep seems like a tough task – then […]

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The Importance of REM

If you suffer from sleep apnea, then chances are that you are not getting enough REM or “Rapid Eye Movement” sleep. Often characterized as one of the most important levels of sleep, REM can only be achieved in most individuals after 45-90 minutes of solid sleep without waking, and it indicates a period where our […]

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How Much Sleep Do We Actually Need?

We’ve all heard the old sentiment that we should get at least eight hours of sleep every night. But for many people, the demands of everyday life can sometimes make reaching this quota seems rather impossible. In theory, 1/3rd of our life should be devoted to sleep. But a large chunk of Americans aren’t reaching […]

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Three Fascinating Things That Happen When You’re Fast Asleep

You may think you are “dead to the world” once your eyes close and your mind shuts off, but your body is actually performing a whirlwind of tasks while you’re fast asleep, even if you may not know it. Sleep is essential to function at your very best. So, if you’re not getting a quality […]

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Want a Better Quality Sleep? Try Exercising

Doctors and researchers have long touted exercise as an effective prescription for a number of medical conditions, such as depression, anxiety, migraines, and obesity-related ailments. But did you know that it’s also a good way to boost a better night’s sleep? Whether you suffer from sleep apnea or another sleeping disorder, like insomnia, exercise can […]

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5 Warning Signs Your Sleep Apnea May Be Severe

Like most medical conditions, sleep disorders have a myriad of levels that can range from moderate irritation in your everyday life, to a life-threatening situation. And when it comes to sleep apnea, severe symptoms can be truly detrimental. After all, if you have sleep apnea, you literally stop breathing for seconds at a time when […]

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