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A Loving Gesture – Getting Treated for OSA

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. For many spouses, it means a mad dash to load up on flowers, chocolates, cards, and all those other little tokens to convey a message of “I love you.” But while you’re picking up a bouquet or a box of chocolates, consider embracing another way to show your […]

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Hot or Cold – Which Is Better for Sleep?

Winter has officially arrived. For many folks, it means a regular routine of sleeping in slightly colder conditions. Out come the comforters and long johns. The summer sheets and thin pajamas are stored away for a few months, until the heat waves of summer once again arrive. But when it comes to sleep, is it […]

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Sleep Deprivation Over the Long Haul: What Happens When You Don’t Get the Sleep You Need

Anyone who has ever had a restless night knows it’s impossible to feel your best the next day. A lack of sleep over just the course of a few hours can easily lead to a lack of energy, increased moodiness, and an overall feeling of being slow and sluggish. We aren’t as productive as we […]

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New Connections Surface for Sleep Deprivation and Depression

Sleep problems and depression (or anxiety) inherently go hand in hand. When we’re exhausted, our production of stress hormones naturally rises. It can be hard to have a sunny disposition when the simplest tasks feel like a challenge.   A Study for Sleep and Depression: RNT But a new study was recently published in the […]

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Five Tips for an Amazing Bed Makeover

A comfortable and inviting bed is the gateway to a good night’s rest. If you find that the idea of heading to bed feels more like a chore than a relief, it may be time for a sleeping surface makeover. One of the best ways to easily fall asleep is to have a comfortable and […]

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Why Do Humans Sleep in Eight-Hour Increments?

Birds sleep with half of their brain awake. Dogs sleep anywhere from one hour to a few hours at a time, while cats seem to sleep all day and all night long. It seems that the majority of the animal kingdom sleeps in spurts, and may be awake or asleep at any given point during […]

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How Often Does Snoring Indicate Sleep Apnea?

If you or a loved one snores on a regular basis, you are certainly not alone. An estimated 90 million Americans regularly snore in their sleep, roughly 29% of the U.S. population. Clearly, snoring isn’t an uncommon condition by any means. But out of this 90 million, roughly 50% of people are “simple” or primary […]

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How does your State and Age Rank when it Comes to Sleep?

Is a good night’s sleep affected by where in the country you live? A new study by a popular alarm clock app suggests that this may very well be the case. At the end of December, Sleep Cycle released a study. The study examined the sleeping habits of individuals all across the country over the […]

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Need a Better Night’s Sleep? Be Sure to Get Your Vitamin D

There are plenty of tried and true remedies out there for achieving a better night’s sleep. From drinking a glass of milk, to turning off the TVs and electronic devices, to playing a little soothing music in the background, people have all kinds of nighttime habits that help them fall asleep faster, and for longer. […]

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The Craziest Tricks Parents Use to Get their Children to Sleep

Two companies that create meditation and other sleep-enhancing apps decided to partner together to answer the age-old question: “How do you get your children to sleep?” To address this question, the companies reached out to more than 2,000 British and American parents to share their tips, tricks, and even bizarre methods that have worked on […]

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