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What Your Circadian Rhythm Tells You

It can be hard to determine the best times to wake-up, to go to bed, to get a lot accomplished, or even to exercise. But when it comes to the ideal routine, there’s an internal tool you can use to guide your schedule for the day and night – your circadian rhythm.   What Is […]

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Is There a Link Between Gluten and Sleep Apnea?

Waves of Americans across the country are signing up for a gluten-free diet for a myriad of reasons. Maybe to eat fewer processed foods, lose weight, or just have a more varied diet, going gluten-free can have potential benefits across the board. That is, if it’s done in a healthy manner. But what about your […]

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Healthy Sleep Habits for OSA and Pregnancy

Are you pregnant but also suffer from obstructive sleep apnea? Then you already have more obstacles than normal to overcome. Because obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) can have so much influence on our overall health, it’s imperative for pregnant women to pay attention to this condition. This is because of the ways it can affect their […]

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American Couples and Sleep Divorce

Strong couples can have lots of things in common, such as similar views on family, spending, politics, lifestyle; even an infinite number of both big and little interests and opinions. But even the strongest couples may be completely incompatible, when it comes to sleep. And as it turns out, the number of Americans who are […]

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Your Body and Sleep Deprivation

Have you ever had the feeling of sleep deprivation? Then you know how your body struggles the next day. Getting plenty of sleep is arguably the best thing that people can do for their overall health. Through sleep, our bodies: magically regenerate and renew cells promote healing and decrease inflammation organize and store memories restore […]

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The Best Sleeping Tips for Neck Pain

If you are like millions of Americans, you’ve experienced those mornings when you wake up with a stiff neck. Neck pain is one of the most reported chronic pains for adults. And doctors and researchers have found in many cases, the pain in your neck may be linked to how you are sleeping. Do you […]

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Thinking Clearly Is Harder for Women With Sleep Apnea

Like many conditions that affect a large segment of the population, obstructive sleep apnea can have different effects on different kinds of people. Symptoms and severity can obviously vary from person to person. But sleep apnea affects specific demographics differently in general as well. For example, older sleep apnea sufferers may have a greater risk […]

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Four Healthy Things That May Be Interfering With Your Sleep

There are lots of things we can do before we head to bed to help promote a good night’s sleep. From reading a good book, to sipping a hot cup of tea, many folks have little routines that help signal to our bodies it’s time to enjoy a deep and well deserved rest. But while […]

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Midnight Snack Makeovers for a Better Night’s Sleep

If you like to have a small bite to eat before you head to bed, you’re in good company. More than half of Americans like to have a late night snack an hour or so before bedtime, so it’s certainly not unusual to give into late night cravings. However, when it comes to “midnight snacks,” […]

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