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Four Ways to Ensure Your Baby Sleeps Safely

New parents certainly have a lot on their plate, and a lot of new information to learn! An infant requires constant care, after all. So it’s no wonder that parents spend many sleepless nights before and after a baby arrives trying to figure out everything they need to know. But one of the most important […]

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When Is It Ok to Take Sleep Aids?

Sleep aids are one of the most popular over-the-counter drugs on the market, and for good reason. More than 50% of Americans report having at least one restless or sleepless night every week, and it’s tempting to turn to a pill that will hopefully make it easy to close your eyes and rest. But when […]

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How to Help Pay Off Your Sleep Debt

Everyone has a night on occasion where they stay up too late, or wake up too early. But missing just a few hours of quality rest can wreak havoc on your sleep schedule in the days to come. You fall into a “sleep debt”. Strictly speaking, when it comes to catching up on sleep, there […]

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How Much Sleep Do You Really Need?

It’s a question that has been asked a thousand times over, and which has been at the backbone of countless studies from universities and organizations around the world. Is the ideal amount of sleep just a textbook number? Scientists and researchers have tackled this question in a far-reaching range of ways, too, from MRI and […]

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Weight Management Strategies and Sleep Apnea

Losing weight and adopting a healthier lifestyle is a challenging endeavor in general. But for people with obstructive sleep apnea, it can be especially hard. Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) can deplete your energy levels throughout the day, making it harder to exercise. It impairs the portions of the brain connected to impulse control and judgement. And […]

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OSA in Children: Is It ADHD or Sleep Apnea?

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (or ADHD) is a commonly diagnosed problem in both younger children and teenagers. In fact, in the past five years, 11% of kids from the ages of 4 to 17 have had an ADHD diagnosis, with many of these patients on medication to help control behavioral issues. But what if this […]

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Four Surprising Effects of Sleep Deprivation

Everyone has had the occasional night when they just couldn’t catch up on the rest they need, but what happens if this occurs on a regular basis? There are all sorts of contributing factors when it comes to regular sleep deprivation. Sleep deprivation could easily be because of a common medical condition, like obstructive sleep […]

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How to Sleep Better in Cold Weather

Many Americans report that their ability to fall or stay asleep well is very dependent on the weather. People can be “warm natured” or “cold natured” when it comes to ideal sleeping conditions. And while some folks can toss and turn in the summer when the temperatures rise, others have trouble getting the rest they […]

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How Healthy Sleep Shapes Great Leaders

Interested in climbing up the ladder at your workplace? There’s one easy thing you can do to advance your position and find new opportunities – namely, healthy sleep! Sleep is often overlooked as a key way to shine at the workplace. This is simply because it’s a common and false myth that the less sleep […]

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The Transportation Industry And Sleep Apnea

Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) can affect workers of all varieties. From the morning commute to projects at the office, coping with OSA (especially undiagnosed) can have a lot of dangerous consequences. It hinders your ability to concentrate and focus during your waking hours. Plus, your daily fatigue can lead to hazardous conditions in the workplace. Worst […]

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