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Is Your Mood Affecting Your Sleep Quality?

It’s natural to have a few days of feeling down or feeling blah. This is especially true in the winter months when the nights are longer, the days are shorter, and the “winter blues” are much easier to catch. But have you found that you’ve been more anxious, lethargic, or depressed than normal? It may […]

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The Cycle of Lack of Sleep and Anxiety

Doctors have long known that patients who have been diagnosed with anxiety disorders often have trouble sleeping as a regular side effect. This is because all that stress makes it nearly impossible to close your eyes, clear your head, and actually rest. Our reactions and responses to stimuli of all varieties are heightened – even when […]

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COPD and Sleep Apnea – What you Need to Know

Sleep specialists are continually studying medical conditions that can affect or even worsen obstructive sleep apnea. From diabetes and obesity, to depression or allergies, there are a number of conditions that can make sleep apnea noticeably more severe. And recent research has uncovered another medical problem that may hinder your ability to breathe clearly during […]

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Medications That Can Make Sleep Apnea Worse

It’s not unusual for Americans to require medications for different ailments and conditions. However, not all medications mix with other existing health concerns. And when it comes to obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), the medications you are taking may actually worsen your problem. From allergies to mental health, there is a surprisingly large number of prescription […]

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New Research: Sleep Apnea Is Undiagnosed at an Alarming Global Scale

It can be hard for researchers and physicians to garner statistics on obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), because the condition goes undiagnosed and untreated so often. It’s roughly estimated that a total of 22 million Americans currently have moderate or severe OSA. From this number, roughly 80% have never been diagnosed or sought treatment for their […]

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Sugar and the Quality of Your Sleep

Everyone loves to have a little dessert after dinnertime. But if you’re indulging in sugar too close to bedtime or on a regular basis, the quality of your sleep may be at risk. A number of studies have examined the correlation between sugar and sleep. And if you already have trouble sleeping – or have […]

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Is It Stress Keeping You up at Night?

Most folks experience an occasional restless night. But if you find that your inability to fall asleep happens more often than not, there’s likely an underlying problem causing your lack of Zzzzs. Sleeping disorders, like obstructive sleep apnea or insomnia, are common culprits when it comes to being unable to fall and stay asleep. But […]

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Sleep Apnea and PTSD – a Dangerous Link

There are many concerning and dangerous symptoms that are linked with posttraumatic stress disorder (or PTSD). This mental health condition, often associated with members of the military, can correspond with a far-reaching range of both physical and cognitive symptoms. But a recent study has found a somewhat unexpected condition is now also commonly found in […]

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Want to Fall asleep Faster? Make a List for the Future

For many people, one of the hardest parts about sleeping is actually getting to sleep. Millions of Americans across the country regularly report having trouble falling asleep on a nightly basis. They have trouble regardless of how tired they are, or how much they need a quality night’s rest. But researchers from Baylor University recently […]

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New Connections Surface for Sleep Deprivation and Depression

Sleep problems and depression (or anxiety) inherently go hand in hand. When we’re exhausted, our production of stress hormones naturally rises. It can be hard to have a sunny disposition when the simplest tasks feel like a challenge.   A Study for Sleep and Depression: RNT But a new study was recently published in the […]

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