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The Cycle of Lack of Sleep and Anxiety

Doctors have long known that patients who have been diagnosed with anxiety disorders often have trouble sleeping as a regular side effect. This is because all that stress makes it nearly impossible to close your eyes, clear your head, and actually rest. Our reactions and responses to stimuli of all varieties are heightened – even when […]

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Is It Stress Keeping You up at Night?

Most folks experience an occasional restless night. But if you find that your inability to fall asleep happens more often than not, there’s likely an underlying problem causing your lack of Zzzzs. Sleeping disorders, like obstructive sleep apnea or insomnia, are common culprits when it comes to being unable to fall and stay asleep. But […]

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Want to Fall asleep Faster? Make a List for the Future

For many people, one of the hardest parts about sleeping is actually getting to sleep. Millions of Americans across the country regularly report having trouble falling asleep on a nightly basis. They have trouble regardless of how tired they are, or how much they need a quality night’s rest. But researchers from Baylor University recently […]

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New Connections Surface for Sleep Deprivation and Depression

Sleep problems and depression (or anxiety) inherently go hand in hand. When we’re exhausted, our production of stress hormones naturally rises. It can be hard to have a sunny disposition when the simplest tasks feel like a challenge.   A Study for Sleep and Depression: RNT But a new study was recently published in the […]

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How to Help Your Kids with Nightmares

Everyone has nightmares from time to time, and the vivid dreams can be a startling wake-up call when we’re fast asleep.  But children, in particular, can be most sensitive to nightmares and night terrors, which in turn can lead to many sleepless nights for parents and plenty of questions on how to help.  Nightmares in children are not that unusual, and extreme nightmares – also known as […]

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