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School Anxiety: Helping Kids Sleep Better

School is back in full swing. And for many students from grades 1 through 12, there’s an adjustment period to transition from a lazy summer schedule to a hectic back-to-school routine. From starting a new school or new grade level, to adjusting to different teachers and coursework, this transition period can be a tough time […]

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Are Kids Coming to School Jet Lagged? Here’s What You Can Do

As another school year begins, millions of kids across the country are shaking off their summertime schedules and jumping into a new, fall routine of early mornings and early bedtimes – particularly on weekdays. But a new study suggests that teens and young adults who abandon the weekday routine once Saturday comes around may suffer […]

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How to Sleep Well in a College Dorm Room

It’s that time of year when students all across the country are loading up their books and computers and heading back to school. And in between the full days of classes, evenings out with new friends and late night cram sessions with extra pizza, it can be easy to lose out on one of the […]

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Does Better Sleep Lead to Better Grades?

Many college students studying for final exams engage in a longstanding tradition that’s seemingly been around for generations – the all-night cramming session. But a new study has confirmed what a lot of people have already suspected – staying up late to prepare for an early morning exam is not a great strategy for success. […]

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How much is the perfect amount of sleep?

According to medical sources, sleep varies among the individual and the amount of sleep you get a night greatly effects your overall health. According to an article written by WebMD, the reliance of an alarm clock is enough to indicate that you’re not catching enough z’s. The article states that if you are waking up […]

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New Guidelines Released for Sleep Apnea and Drowsy Driving Prevention

New guidelines have just been released by the American Thoracic Society on sleep apnea, sleepiness, and the driving risk for non-commercial drivers. The aim is to give practitioners strategies for evaluating obstructive sleep apnea in order to control sleepy driving.  Approximately twenty percent of car accidents happen because of tiredness at the wheel, and obstructive […]

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Sleep Apnea Connected to Alzheimer’s Disease?

A recent study has suggested that there is a potential link between sleep apnea and the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. The study, however, is indeterminate as to direction of causality between the two diseases. That is, it is not clear whether sleep apnea is leading to the development of Alzheimer’s or vice versa. Further, the […]

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5 Sleep Apnea Facts

1. Sleep apnea affects 1 in 5 adults.   Sleep apnea is a condition that causes suffering for 100 million people worldwide. Sleep apnea also affects children and has been linked to attention deficit hyperactive disorder. 2. Sleep apnea can lead to high blood pressure. 43% of patients with mild OSA and 69% of patients with […]

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Luminosity training

Regular Luminosity training can help you lead a healthy life, but so can habits like diet, exercise, and even sleep! Snoozing has been connected to the ability to maintain attention, make good decisions, and to form and recall memories. A fascinating new study from UCLA is shedding light on how sleep may aid memory. Memories […]

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Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams Sweet Dreams is a complementary online publication tailor made for patients and friends of Simple Sleep Services. It is our sincere desire that you will find this information both informative and useful and share it with friends, relatives and colleagues who suffer from snoring or obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). It is through education, […]

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