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Is What You Eat Affecting Your Dreams?

Even for the most established and adept researchers and scientists, dreams are a mysterious thing. No one knows exactly why we dream, and what determines the content of the dreams themselves, and this is what makes our dreams so fascinating. As a result of this broad confusion, there are plenty of myths and beliefs when […]

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How Sugar Destroys Your Sleep

Too much sugar is detrimental to your health in more ways than one. This sweet but harmful substance will increase your waistline, increase your risk for diabetes, decrease your energy levels, and can cause a myriad of health issues if you consume too much of it. And when it comes to negative effects, sugar can also […]

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Farmers Market Finds That Promote Better Sleep

During the height of summer, farmers markets all across the country are bursting with seasonal produce, handcrafted goodies, and a wealth of treasures. Making a weekly trip to your local summertime farmers market is a great way to load up on healthy and fresh fare. But did you know that your market purchases can also […]

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Sugar and the Quality of Your Sleep

Everyone loves to have a little dessert after dinnertime. But if you’re indulging in sugar too close to bedtime or on a regular basis, the quality of your sleep may be at risk. A number of studies have examined the correlation between sugar and sleep. And if you already have trouble sleeping – or have […]

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