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The Signs Your Sleep Apnea Is Getting Worse

Like many medical conditions, obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is a problem that simply won’t go away on its own. Studies have found that children who have OSA may outgrow the condition as their bodies and nasal passages develop. However, in adults, OSA will get worse over time, leading to potentially deadly consequences. Obviously, seeking a […]

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What’s your Optimal Sleep Position?

If you’re like most folks, you likely go to sleep in roughly the same position every night. Maybe you curl up on your side on a pile of pillows, or perhaps you drift off to sleep lying flat as a pancake on your back, with your arms and legs perfectly straight. But just as certain […]

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Six Ways to Wake Up with More Energy

If you struggle with getting up in the morning, you’re not alone. Very few people can greet the day with a burst of energy, and it can be challenging to shake off that sleepy feeling and get motivated. But there are a few things that you can do to make the transition from sleep to […]

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5 Warning Signs Your Sleep Apnea May Be Severe

Like most medical conditions, sleep disorders have a myriad of levels that can range from moderate irritation in your everyday life, to a life-threatening situation. And when it comes to sleep apnea, severe symptoms can be truly detrimental. After all, if you have sleep apnea, you literally stop breathing for seconds at a time when […]

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