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Why Student Athletes Need More Sleep

The school year has been officially in full swing for months. And for students of all ages, it typically means full schedules of homework, time with friends and family, and extracurricular activities. Does your active child loves to participate in after-school sports? There are likely all sorts of things your family already does to help […]

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Bad Sleep Habits That Speed Up Aging

There are a million products on the market to help combat the effects of aging. From nutritional supplements to wrinkle creams, there’s a quick-fix solution for virtually all aspects of the aging process. Yet there’s one simple thing that can counteract even the most expensive anti-aging treatments – namely, not sleeping well. In fact, there […]

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How to Get Better Sleep By Tonight!

Achieving a great night’s sleep doesn’t just begin in the minutes leading up to bedtime. As it turns out, there are tons of little things we can do during the day to make it much easier to fall and stay asleep as soon as we hit the pillow. So if you want to maximize your […]

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Weight Management Strategies and Sleep Apnea

Losing weight and adopting a healthier lifestyle is a challenging endeavor in general. But for people with obstructive sleep apnea, it can be especially hard. Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) can deplete your energy levels throughout the day, making it harder to exercise. It impairs the portions of the brain connected to impulse control and judgement. And […]

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Four Surprising Effects of Sleep Deprivation

Everyone has had the occasional night when they just couldn’t catch up on the rest they need, but what happens if this occurs on a regular basis? There are all sorts of contributing factors when it comes to regular sleep deprivation. Sleep deprivation could easily be because of a common medical condition, like obstructive sleep […]

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How Healthy Sleep Shapes Great Leaders

Interested in climbing up the ladder at your workplace? There’s one easy thing you can do to advance your position and find new opportunities – namely, healthy sleep! Sleep is often overlooked as a key way to shine at the workplace. This is simply because it’s a common and false myth that the less sleep […]

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How to Deal With OSA During Menopause

There are a number of medical conditions and lifestyle habits that can make obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) worse. Drinking or taking sleep aids can certainly enhance the symptoms of this condition. Also, having a high body mass index (BMI), smoking, or even what you eat at bedtime can hinder your ability to breathe during the […]

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Does A Lack of Sleep Affect Your Social Life?

Research has shown that getting a good night’s rest is essential for your overall health, just like eating well or exercising. With plenty of rest, our energy levels, concentration, and mental agility are all at their peak, allowing us to tackle the challenges of the day at work and at home with ease. But when […]

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Five Steps for Losing Weight with A Sleep Apnea Condition

Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and obesity are often connected. And as a combination, it can be much harder to address either or both conditions. Because obstructive sleep apnea makes it easier to gain weight, and because obesity leads to more severe OSA, the two conditions can easily produce a cycle that is hard to get […]

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Five Reasons to Quit Smoking If You Have Sleep Apnea

If you are a smoker, you already know that your risk for a shorter lifespan is high. Smoking has been linked to everything from lung disease to skin cancer. And it is listed as one of the biggest contributors to preventable deaths in the United States. But if you also have obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), […]

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