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For Light Sleepers: How to Keep Noise Out of The Bedroom And Sleep Better

A noisy environment around the bedroom can be detrimental for sleep. The noise could be coming from street traffic, noisy neighbors, or even a partner who snores. But many folks simply can’t keep their eyes closed when there are distractions nearby. This problem is especially severe for light sleepers. They tend to either have trouble […]

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Seeing a Doctor About Your Sleep Apnea? Here’s What You Need to Know

For millions of Americans, one of the hardest aspects of tackling obstructive sleep apnea is recognizing that it’s a problem in the first place. Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is certainly common, but it’s also one of the least diagnosed sleeping disorders, simply because it can be hard to identify. Individuals can show various symptoms when […]

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Can You Test for Sleep Apnea at Home?

It’s a well-known fact that millions of Americans who suffer from sleep apnea are not actively seeking treatment. And the reasons why can vary across the board. In many cases, people who suffer from sleep apnea simply aren’t aware they have the condition. While in other instances, folks may think sleep apnea is not a […]

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Sleep Apnea & Seniors: An Invisible Population

Meet Cheryl. Cheryl’s 72-year-old mother, Viola, lives in an apartment attached to Cheryl’s suburban home. Viola’s health has been generally pretty good and she is often found puttering around in Cheryl’s backyard garden. Viola joins Cheryl and her family for dinner several times per week, but usually handles her other meals and household responsibilities on […]

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How Reliable Are Sleep Apps?

Sleep apps are all the rage, but are they painting an accurate picture of your sleep habits? Silvia is a grandmother of 3 small children who live next door and, as you can imagine, her days are pretty busy. Lately she’s been experiencing more daytime fatigue than usual, though she’s been going to bed at […]

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How to Prepare for A Sleep Study

Sleep Study Prep Has a doctor or sleep specialist referred you for a sleep study? You may feel anxious and unsure of what to expect if you have never had one before. Here are a few tips to help you prepare and put your mind at ease. What is a Sleep Study? A sleep study […]

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Gout and Sleep Apnea: Is There A Link?

Gout Sufferers: Could You Be At Risk for Apnea? Just the touch of a bed sheet can result in excruciating pain for someone with gout. This complex form of arthritis causes redness, swelling and pain at the base of joints. The condition often affects the big toe joint, but can also affect other parts of […]

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Snoring Spouses Sleeping Separately

Apparently sleeping in separate beds is not just something that is done in TV shows from the 1950s. In fact, a study found that one in four married couples say that they sleep in different beds so that they can get a good night’s sleep. Millions of people in the United States alone contend that […]

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Simple Sleep Services uses the ARES home sleep test.

Simple Sleep Services uses the ARES home sleep test from Watermark Medical. Information about this innovative device can be seen below. ARES captures blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate using reflectance pulse oximetry. The ARES oximeter was designed specifically for the diagnosis of OSA, which involves the detections and quantification of brief desaturations and resaturations. […]

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Simple Sleep Services Now Taking Medicare and Working with Private Payors & Major Insurers.

Plano, Texas May 10, 2012 — John Truitt, Chief Executive Officer of Plano, Texas based Simple Sleep Services, announced today that in addition to working with all major insurers his innovative diagnostic and therapy company will now take Medicare for their custom fitted FDA Cleared Class II medical devices. This news comes on the back […]

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