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How to Sleep Better in Cold Weather

Many Americans report that their ability to fall or stay asleep well is very dependent on the weather. People can be “warm natured” or “cold natured” when it comes to ideal sleeping conditions. And while some folks can toss and turn in the summer when the temperatures rise, others have trouble getting the rest they […]

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How Seasonal Affective Disorder Affects Sleep – And What You Can Do

It’s easy to feel a little blue or lethargic in the wintertime. The days are shorter, the weather is chilly, and most folks can’t wait to get back to the green and sunny landscapes of spring. But some folks experience more extreme cases of the wintertime blues than others. These cases are a form of […]

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Hot or Cold – Which Is Better for Sleep?

Winter has officially arrived. For many folks, it means a regular routine of sleeping in slightly colder conditions. Out come the comforters and long johns. The summer sheets and thin pajamas are stored away for a few months, until the heat waves of summer once again arrive. But when it comes to sleep, is it […]

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