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Feeling Angry? Tame Emotions With More Sleep!

Doctors and therapists have long known that a lack of sleep can greatly affect your mood in a myriad of ways. But new research has shown that losing just a few hours of sleep can easily lead to an increase in anger and frustration during the day. A team of researchers at Iowa State University […]

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How a Lack of Quality Sleep Causes Dehydration

It’s not unusual to wake up craving a glass of water or two. But if you regularly feel dehydrated in the mornings, (and this feeling tends to linger throughout the day), then it might be a symptom of a bad night’s rest.   A Study Showing Lack of Sleep Causing Dehydration Penn State University conducted […]

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How to Help Pay Off Your Sleep Debt

Everyone has a night on occasion where they stay up too late, or wake up too early. But missing just a few hours of quality rest can wreak havoc on your sleep schedule in the days to come. You fall into a “sleep debt”. Strictly speaking, when it comes to catching up on sleep, there […]

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Four Surprising Effects of Sleep Deprivation

Everyone has had the occasional night when they just couldn’t catch up on the rest they need, but what happens if this occurs on a regular basis? There are all sorts of contributing factors when it comes to regular sleep deprivation. Sleep deprivation could easily be because of a common medical condition, like obstructive sleep […]

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Does A Lack of Sleep Affect Your Social Life?

Research has shown that getting a good night’s rest is essential for your overall health, just like eating well or exercising. With plenty of rest, our energy levels, concentration, and mental agility are all at their peak, allowing us to tackle the challenges of the day at work and at home with ease. But when […]

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How a Lack of Sleep Could Disrupt the Course of Your Life

When we think of the prolonged effects of sleep deprivation from sleeping disorders like obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), we often think of the more obvious health concerns. Sleep deprivation can affect our ability to do well at work and handle tasks at home. It can also increase our chances for numerous health risks. Worse yet, […]

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Will a Lack of Sleep Increase Risk Seeking Behavior?

Sleep deprivation has been linked to an endless number of issues across the board. What are the effects? To start, there are physical effects, like the risk of heart and health problems. As well as cognitive ones like increase in irritability or an inability to focus, these will not go away on their own. Not […]

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Sleep Deprivation Over the Long Haul: What Happens When You Don’t Get the Sleep You Need

Anyone who has ever had a restless night knows it’s impossible to feel your best the next day. A lack of sleep over just the course of a few hours can easily lead to a lack of energy, increased moodiness, and an overall feeling of being slow and sluggish. We aren’t as productive as we […]

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New Connections Surface for Sleep Deprivation and Depression

Sleep problems and depression (or anxiety) inherently go hand in hand. When we’re exhausted, our production of stress hormones naturally rises. It can be hard to have a sunny disposition when the simplest tasks feel like a challenge.   A Study for Sleep and Depression: RNT But a new study was recently published in the […]

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What a Few Days of Sleep Apnea Can Do

There’s been numerous studies on the impacts of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) that can develop over the course of weeks, months, and even years. Clearly, the longer that sleep apnea persists, the worse the health risks. And considering millions of Americans currently have sleep apnea but don’t know it, these long-term effects deserve attention. But […]

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