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How Technology Can Hurt or Help Our Sleep

Technology, and how we use it, is always changing and advancing. And just like all other aspects of our lives, this can result in both positive and negative effects when it comes to our sleep. Cell phones, tablets, televisions and laptops are now all commonplace in the bedroom. A recent 2014 survey by the National […]

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Screen-Free Ways to Get to Sleep for People with Busy Minds

Researchers and physicians advise individuals who have trouble falling asleep at night to turn off their screens. Falling asleep to the glow of a laptop, television of a tablet may seem like a good way to de-stress and distract before going to bed. But the artificial light from screens, as well as a myriad of […]

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How Do Screens Affect Our Sleep?

If you’re like virtually any average American, then you spend a good chunk of your day (and evening) in front of a screen. Screens are everywhere in our modern world – from the monitor at the office, to the television at home, to the cell phones, laptops, and tablets that earn our attention in all […]

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