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How Technology Can Hurt or Help Our Sleep

Technology, and how we use it, is always changing and advancing. And just like all other aspects of our lives, this can result in both positive and negative effects when it comes to our sleep. Cell phones, tablets, televisions and laptops are now all commonplace in the bedroom. A recent 2014 survey by the National […]

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Surprising Contemporary Tricks That Lead to Better Sleep

If you have trouble with sleeping on a regular basis, then you probably know all the tricks to achieve a better night’s rest. Some common solutions to restless nights are: A warm glass of milk Turning off the electronics and TV Sticking to a regularly scheduled bedtime. These solutions are all well researched and well […]

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Four Ways Technology Actually Helps You Sleep

By now, you are probably aware that nodding off with your laptop, television, tablet or cell phone in front of you is not a good way to fall sleep. The blue light emitted from the screens we use every day can have negative effects on our sleep. It can cause us to stay awake longer […]

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11 Snooze-Worthy Podcasts You’re Allowed to Fall Asleep Sleep To

You’ve heard you shouldn’t watch TV before bed, or fiddle with your phone; but you don’t have to lay in silence, counting sheep, waiting for sleep to come. There’s another alternative, and luckily the trend has taken off so much, you’ve got options! Why not try a podcast? You may be used to listening to […]

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Oral Appliances for Snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnea:

Oral Appliances for Snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnea: A ReviewKathleen A. Ferguson, MD1; Rosalind Cartwright, PhD2; Robert Rogers, DMD3; Wolfgang Schmidt-Nowara, MD41Division of Respirology, University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario, Canada, 2Department of Behavioral Sciences, Rush University Medical Center, Chicago, IL, 3Department of Dental Medicine, St. Barnabas Medical Center, Gibsonia, PA, 4University of Texas Southwestern, Sleep Medicine Associates of Texas, […]

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