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What to Do About Excessive Sleepiness

Everyone has a sleepy or sluggish day from time to time. But if you find that you’re exhausted on a regular basis, it could be an indication of excessive sleepiness. Excessive sleepiness is a common problem that affects roughly 20% of the American population. And it can lead to a myriad of larger issues such […]

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American Couples and Sleep Divorce

Strong couples can have lots of things in common, such as similar views on family, spending, politics, lifestyle; even an infinite number of both big and little interests and opinions. But even the strongest couples may be completely incompatible, when it comes to sleep. And as it turns out, the number of Americans who are […]

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Four Healthy Things That May Be Interfering With Your Sleep

There are lots of things we can do before we head to bed to help promote a good night’s sleep. From reading a good book, to sipping a hot cup of tea, many folks have little routines that help signal to our bodies it’s time to enjoy a deep and well deserved rest. But while […]

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Adjusting Your Sleep to A New Time Zone

Are you a travel junkie? A jet-setter who loves to see the world, but hates dealing with the time zone change? Or maybe your work has you flying across the country every week for meetings and conferences. Regardless your motivation, travel can be exciting and fresh — your sleep, not so much! To maintain peak […]

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