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Want to Look Younger The Easy Way?

You may already know that seeking treatment for your obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) will provide a world of health benefits. Getting your OSA under control will not only help your energy levels and mood.

But it will also:

But did you know that treating obstructive sleep apnea will also help you look younger too?

How Treating Your Sleep Apnea Helps You Look Younger

A number of recent studies have examined the link between obstructive sleep apnea and our physical appearance. And these studies concur that by treating obstructive sleep apnea, you’re giving yourself a natural facelift as well.

Here are just a few examples of some recent research that has connected the dots when it comes to treating OSA, and looking and feeling young.

Physical evidence of sleep deprivation

University of Stockholm scientists conducted a study on the impact of sleep deprivation on facial features and appearance.

The scientists discovered that people who were sleep deprived, (due to sleeping disorders or a general lack of sleep), tended to have more physical evidence of no rest. They have swollen and reddish eyes, dark under-eye circles, more visible wrinkles, as well as paler skin than their well-rested counterparts.

In addition, members of the same Stockholm research team conducted a separate study on subjects who were sleep deprived. And they found that other people thought they looked less healthy and less attractive than those who got plenty of quality sleep.


Even the cosmetic pros agree

Estée Lauder cosmetics also conducted a research study and worked with Cleveland’s University Hospital’s Case Medical Center.

They found that Americans who did not receive quality sleep had more signs of skin aging.

These signs included:

  • more fine line
  • diminished skin elasticity
  • uneven pigmentation throughout the face

This same study also found that people who slept poorly took a longer time to recover from sunburns and other stress or environmental-related skin damage.


What happens when you get enough sleep

Researchers at the University of Michigan examined people who were getting treatment for obstructive sleep apnea. And they found that once treatment began, there was a noticeable and measurable improvement to their facial appearance.

For each OSA patient, the study asked volunteers to identify what they thought were the “before treatment” and “after treatment” images of the patients. They also had them rate each image for youthfulness and attractiveness. The results found big differences between the before and after pics, even with more objective measures.


All of the above studies, (and more), attest that our appearance can serve as an indicator of our general health and wellbeing. And when you start treating your OSA – feeling better and more energized – it will definitely show.

So, if you have sleep apnea and want to look younger, treatment is an easy way to obtain a stress-free facelift. After just a few weeks or even days of treating your OSA, you may be surprised at how much better you feel – and look – on a daily basis.

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Want to Look Younger The Easy Way?
Did you know that treating obstructive sleep apnea can make you look younger? Check out these studies that have proven a link between a youthful appearance and a good night’s sleep.