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Winter Safety Tips for Sleep

If you’re getting the recommended eight hours of sleep, then you’re spending a third of your life in one of the most important rooms in your home – your bedroom.

Since the majority of your time in the bedroom is spent with your eyes shut, you want to make sure it’s also one of the safest rooms in the house.

But the wintertime can be one of the more accident-prone times of the year when it comes to home safety issues. Heaters, extreme weather, less daylight, and more time indoors can all impact the safety of your bedroom, as well as your home.

So this winter, keep your family safe by adhering to the following tips to ensure your bedroom will remain a secure and snug environment.

Four Essential Winter Safety Precautions for the Bedroom

1. Use Caution with Space Heaters

Space heaters are one of the leading causes of residence fires in the wintertime, so they must be used cautiously at all times.

Never place a space heater close to the bed, (as shifting blankets can accidentally cover the heater and lead to a fire). And keep heaters at least three feet away from anything that can burn – including curtains and furnishings.

Turn off a space heater when you leave the room or before going to bed, and only use “UL Listed” heaters, (which will display the UL mark on their packaging), which means they have been tested for overall safety.


2. Watch for Cords

You may need extra cords for heaters, laptops, or other indoor equipment in the bedroom, but cords should always be used with care.

Avoid using extension cords in the bedroom, and make sure all cords are placed on top of carpets and rugs to prevent accidental fires. Also, make sure that cords lay on the floor, and aren’t elevated in the air, to avoid tripping on them during the night or in the morning.


3. Use Smart Lighting

Because wintertime days are noticeably short, you may need a little more light in the bedroom. But if this is the case, make sure you check all your lamp lightbulbs regularly to ensure they are not too hot, as a too-warm bulb can spark a potential fire. Whenever possible, opt for LED bulbs and low wattage bulbs for continual safe use all winter long.


4. Check Electric Blankets Regularly

An electric blanket can provide an added dose of warmth in the winter, but older or malfunctioning blankets can create a safety hazard.

Check your electric blankets’ cords and controls regularly, and watch for warning signs such as cracks, protruding wires, or any dark or charred marks. If any of these malfunctions are present, stop using your electric blanket immediately and get a replacement.


Keeping your bedroom warm and inviting in the winter can be an easy task, provided you watch out for safety concerns. With regular safeguards and checks of common winter equipment – like electric blankets and heaters – you can easily sleep safe and sound all winter long.


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Winter Safety Tips for Sleep
Wondering about bedroom safety? Make sure your bedroom is a warm, snug, and safe environment this winter by adhering to these wintertime safety tips.